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Traffic Safety Rentals and Services was created to help meet the needs of our clients looking to rent work zone signs and traffic control equipment - We know the industry and we know the regulations and equipment you need. We've built our reputation on the top-notch service we provide and our friendly and knowledgeable staff - Try us and see for yourself.
Part of Hi Signs | The FATH Group, we are dedicated to providing the best rental service available, with good equipment and plenty of it in stock. We offer rental products ranging from Electronic Message Boards, to Cones, Barricades and Signs, and Alberta traffic safety products.
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    Years In Business
    We have been leaders in traffic in Canada since 1974.
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    Square Foot Facility
    Edmonton-based warehouse, design, & fabrication facility.
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    Top-quality traffic equipment & products for sale and rent.
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    Committed to providing the best customer experience.
Our Equipment Is Maintained So You Don't Have To - Pick Up And Delivery
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Customer Service Team
  • Our Team Damian
    Damian Rambaran
    Project Consultant, Traffic Safety Solutions
  • Our Team Kylah
    Kylah Munz
    Rentals Coordinator, Traffic Safety Solutions
  • Jenny Traffic Rentals
    Jenny Pollock
    Account Manager, Traffic Safety Solutions
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