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Traffic Safety Rentals and Services

Electronic Message Boards

We offer mid-size and full-size electronic traffic control message boards for rental, including the latest NTCIP Compliant, and touch screen controls.

Temporary Traffic Lights

Looking for a safer, cost effective alternative for a flag person. Automatic Flaggers and Portable Traffic Signals are extremely reliable and they never call in sick, 24/7!

Speed Radar Trailers

We have 2-digit and 3-digit mobile speed radar signs available for rent to keep your traffic accommodation plan as safe as possible.

Traffic Signs & Products

We can provide traffic signs and barricades for your traffic accommodation work zones. Our products are compliant with MUTCD in Canada.

Arrow Boards

We have sturdy and portable trailer mounted arrow boards available in 15 or 25 lamp configurations for your traffic accommodation plans.

Delivery or Pick up

We can make delivery arrangements or you can pick up from Edmonton.

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