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Solar Steady Burn Flasher | Rental

Flash, Steady, or Off

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Stay seen and be safe with the Steady Burn Flasher. This revolutionary light source has been designed with a powerful, high clarity polycarbonate lens that ensures extra intensity. Its light sensing photo cell automatically turns the light off when not in use while still giving you the option of three different modes: flash, steady, or off. This flasher is solar powered so you can have peace of mind knowing you are using an energy efficient product.  Use on barricades, barrels, signs, stands, or anywhere else you need to emphasize safety in work zones.  Approved by Alberta Transportation and Saskatchewan Ministry of Highway specifications.

Steady Burn Flasher Features

  • Extra light intensity is achieved via a computer designed, high clarity, polycarbonate lens.
  • Features a light sensing photo cell to turn light on and off.
  • Three modes are available – flash, steady, and off.
  • Solar and Battery Options available
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