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Why Choose 310-SIGN

Quality: We only stock the best traffic equipment — built to withstand cold canadian winter conditions, ensuring reliability. Cutting-Edge Technology: Stay ahead with the latest in traffic management technology. We stock Ver-Mac Traffic Equipment for effective communication and enhanced safety.…

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Did you know? Speed radar sign names and terms

Speed Radar Signs have many names and terms depending on regional variations and manufacturers.  Here are some alternative names for speed radar signs:   Speed Display Signs Speed Feedback Signs Radar Speed Display Signs Radar Speed Signs Traffic Calming Signs…

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Rent Ver-Mac Equipment, AFADs, Message Boards

Ver-Mac equipment has been a trusted name in the traffic management industry for decades with solutions designed to enhance road safety.  There are many benefits of renting Ver-Mac equipment, specifically Ver-Mac Flagger-Mac AFADs (Automated Flagger Assistance Devices). Read below for…

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Winter Driving Safety | Stay Safe on the Roads

Winter Driving Safety: How and Can Help Keep You Safe on the Roads Winter driving can be hazardous and challenging for even the most experienced drivers. Snow, ice, and low visibility can create dangerous driving conditions. But with…

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Rent & Save – Equipment Benefits

Renting instead of buying may be the right decision for many, especially in today’s uncertain economic climate. Renting can help save money in the short-term and provide more financial security than buying the traffic equipment outright. While it may seem…

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Rentable Traffic Lights, Available Now in BC, AB, SK

Hi Signs offers Alberta Traffic Rentals, located in Edmonton, Canada. We offer temporary traffic light rentals to help manage traffic flow during construction projects and roadworks. Rental services include portable traffic signals that are designed to meet current safety standards…

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Unlocking Benefits of Electric Message Boards

Electronic Message Board Rentals Are you looking for an effective way to inform or direct pedestrians, vehicles, and other types of traffic? Consider renting a message board in Edmonton from Hi Signs! Message board rentals are becoming increasingly popular amongst…

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Where to Rent Traffic Signs and Equipment

If you are looking to rent traffic equipment, products, and signs in Edmonton for a safe and secure work zone environment, then you have come to the right place. Renting traffic products can save time, money and effort when it…

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