Speed Radar Trailers | Decrease Speed, Reduce Tickets, Increase Safety in Alberta

Speed Radar Trailers are an effective way to regulate traffic speed and increase safety in your city, work zone, or municipality.  These high-tech devices can help reduce speeding violations, encourage drivers to slow down, and provide safety to pedestrians and cyclists alike.

Hi Signs’ Speed Radar Trailers are designed with the latest radar technology and features a bright LED display reminding drivers of their speed limit. Its adjustable message settings allow it to be used in any situation; whether it’s on a busy city street or a quiet suburban residential area. The trailer itself is made of durable materials such as steel, aluminum, and plastic which makes it highly portable – perfect for use on temporary construction sites or special events.

Easy to setup, these trailers are incredibly versatile and effective when it comes to reducing speeds in high-traffic areas. By utilizing advanced technology, they sense vehicles travelling at excessive speeds and alert drivers before they reach dangerous levels of acceleration.  This not only keeps roads safe but also reduces noise pollution from loud engines.

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