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Channelizer Drum Barrel | Rental

Weight: 30.00 lbs
Dimensions: 18 × 18 × 36 cm


Channelizer Drum (4 Stripes) c/w Rubber Base

The Channelizer Drum is the perfect solution for keeping traffic out of hazardous areas and help protect those working in work zones. Its fluorescent orange color and prominent size allows it to be easily seen from far distances, making it a great choice for high visibility applications.  Made with a heavy duty plastic construction that stands up to tough weather conditions and daily use, it also features an extra thick base for added stability and durability so you can rest assured that your drum will last for years to come.

This drum can be used virtually anywhere – construction sites, streets, parking lots and more! It’s a great way to designate lanes during road construction.  Follows Alberta Transportation and Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways specs.

also Available To Purchase

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