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Retractable Cone Bar, Reflective | Rental

Traffic Cones are not included, but can be added: Traffic Cones


Telescoping 5ft to 8ft

Converts traffic cones or delineators into a light weight portable traffic and safety barricade. Comes with three white 4” reflective bands, and product is high-viz orange. Loops are 4.25” inside diameter, and cone bar extends from 4ft to 7ft (overall length including rings is 94” in length)

Avoid Safety Concerns: Switch to Retractable Cone Bars

Retractable cone bars increase safety by providing a visible, reflective physical barrier to restrict access to restricted areas. Quick deployment and removal make them easy to designate danger zones and prevent accidents.

Units come 20 per box

What Happens When Not Using Retractable Cone Bars Retractable Cone Bar Reflective Cone Bar 5ft to 8ft cones

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