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Water Filled Jersey Barricade Barrier | Rental

Total estimated weight of 1600lbs (160lbs empty)


Barrier can be filled with water for a total estimated weight of 1600lbs (160lbs empty). Water filled barriers come in orange (default color) or white and can be interlocked to form a continuous solid wall.

For an Interlocking Water Filled Barrier, provide a minimum buffer zone of 50 m whenever possible in advance of the work zone in accordance with AT standard drawings TCS-B-1.22A, 1.23B, 1.24B, 1.25B, or 1.26A. Due to previous experience, AT does not accept Water Filled Barriers as a barrier system on Alberta highways where the posted speed in the work zone exceeds 60 km/h; however, Contractors may use them to control traffic within or through their work zones. These barriers do not have to meet NCHRP Report 350 compliance tests. The longer buffer zone for the interlocking Water Filled Barrier is necessary due to the larger design deflection.
For long duration bridge construction projects, water filled barriers may served as temporary barriers and required as follows:
An Interlocking Water Filled System (1.83 m long x 1.06 m high) may be used as a barricade on bridge construction projects when both of the following conditions are met:
  • Posted work zone speed is equal to or less than 60 km/h
  • The vertical drop from the roadway surface does not exceed 300 mm
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