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Channelizer with Base | Rental

Stackable, easy to transport. Customizable.


Saves space in use, in transit and in storage! The most visible and space efficient barricades available, these take up half the space of traditional barricades, which means less storage space taken and a minimal footprint during use.

  • Oversized handle with comfort grip – can be picked up easily, even with light attached
  • Designed to withstand repeated impacts and minimize damage to vehicles
  • Recessed panel protects sheeting – 8”W x 36”H
  • Side wall provides strength & durability
  • Flashing light mounting receptacle
  • Recycled rubber bases with carrying handles 30 lbs.
  • Stackable with or without base NCHRP-350/MASH Accepted, Meets MUTCD Standards

also Available To Purchase

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